Product Safety Notification



Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers


Description of safety issue

It has been determined that certain Recalled Testers may experience premature failure of the interconnecting cable under cyclical bending stress. Recent experiments conducted by Fluke have shown a wide distribution in the number of cycles to failure exhibited by the Recalled Testers, meaning that certain Recalled Testers are subject to failure earlier than expected, leading to a useful life for certain of them that Fluke considers unacceptable.

Further, the cable may fail in an intermittent fashion where, depending on the cable flex orientation, it is possible for a Recalled Tester to pass a self check continuity test or validation on a known voltage source, while subsequent tests may display a false negative. The primary function of a T-Pole Tester is to detect the presence or absence of voltage to determine whether it is safe to touch an electrical installation and begin work. A false negative may lead to electric shock or arc flash from subsequent user actions as a result of the false negative indication, which may lead to injury or even death. Because of this risk, please IMMEDIATELY STOP using your T-Pole Tester and follow the recall instructions below.

For full details please see



FLUKE Voluntary Product Recall: FLUKE SM100, SM200 and SM300

It has been determined that FLUKE SM100, SM200 and SM300 Electrical Socket Testers exceed acceptable limits for peak leakage current that leads to a medium to low safety issue.

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Dimplex Product Recall: DXDH10N Dimplex Portable 10L Dehumidifier

A safety issue has been identified with a batch of Dimplex portable 10L dehumidifiers. A component on the printed circuit board may overheat resulting in the product catching fire.

Affected products can be identified by the serial number, which is located on the product rating plate. This is accessible by removing the water tank.

The serial number of the affected products start with: 0, 1 or 2.

Only the 10L model is affected. Dehumidifiers with a different model number or that start with a different serial number are not affected.

What to do if you have an affected dehumidifier:

  • STOP USING IT immediately by switching it off at the mains socket and then unplug the dehumidifier from the socket.
  • Call the Dimplex Helpline on 0800 028 53 86 (Monday–Thursday, 8.30am - 7pm, Friday 8.30am - 6pm and Saturday, 8.30m - 12.30pm) so we can arrange a replacement product.

If you are affected by this Safety Notice, we urge you to contact Dimplex about this important safety issue as soon as possible.



MK Sentry 100A Switch Disconnectors Product Recall

MK have identified an issue with the manufacture of a limited numberof MK Sentry 100A Switch Disconnectors that could fail and overheat, presenting a potential fire risk. Only a limited number of MK Sentry Switches are affected, manufactured during specific time periods.

Product delivered bv MK Electric - between 1st October 2012 and 26th Januarv 2013.

Should you require any further information:-

  • please call the Exchange Hotline on 0800 028 1117 (7.30am - 8.30pm, Monday - Friday)
  • or visit



Electrium (Wylex, Crabtree & Volex) Product Recall

Immediate action required affecting the following products purchased 1st April 2009 to 28th February 2010:-

  • Wylex NSB06
  • Wylex NSB10
  • Wylex NSB16
  • Crabtree 6M1B06
  • Crabtree 6M1B10
  • Crabtree 6M1B16
  • Volex VB06
  • Volex VB10
  • Volex VB16

Electrium will be offering a free of charge replacement service which will include, where necessary, attending site, inspecting the installation and replacing the circuit breakers concerned. Please go to the following link regarding recall:-


Eaton Electric Ltd

Product safety notification on 160A & 200/250A FCS switches/fused switches manufactured by Delta Electrical Limited from 1988 to December 1995, whereby a small number of failures can result in the possibility of allowing access to potentially live parts.

Products not affected are all other ratings and all products manufactured from January 1996.

If you require further advice or information please contact Eaton Electric Limited directly on 08700 545333 or e-mail them on the link below:-

Eaton Electric Ltd customer support:



Glen Dimplex UK

The wiring sequence to the heating elements fitted to a limited number of Dimplex inset focal point fires may have been incorrectly assembled. This could mean that in the event of the product developing a fault, the response time of the overheat protection device may be adversely affected.

The risk of this happening is small, but as a precautionary measure and in the interests of safety, Dimplex is recalling the affected products. For those products already installed arrangements will be made for a service engineer to call and rectify the fault.

The fires affected are Series K (MKII) despatched from Dimplex between 8th May and Friday 13th July 2007. Only the following models are affected:-

  • WYN20BR
  • WYN20CH
  • HTN20BR
  • HTN20CH
  • DAN20BR
  • ELD20

Please click on the link below for contact details:-

Dimplex Customer Support.